Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The weed and the Great Oak tree

A weed, seeing a field of deforestation spread its seeds until its offsprings covered the field. The weeds grew wide and tall in the absence of better flora until they covered the stumps of once great oaks that have been cut down. 

When it and its offsprings covered the field, the weed pronounced: "Truly we are the chosen, the best of plants prefered by the heavens and the Earth"

The heavens and the Earth on the other hand thought different. In the absence of the great oaks though, they are forced to make do with mere weeds. However, they continued to foster the hope that the great oaks would one day return. 

Although the great oaks, once mighty and propitious have all but disappeared, the Earth continued to nurse the seeds they left behind, and the heavens continued to provide for them. 

The weeds, useless and damaging as they are, sapped the Earth of its nutrients and despoiled the gifts of the heaven. 

In the presence of the weeds, the young seedlings of the great oaks were hard put to bloom. Many were desiccated for lack of nutrition. Despite all that, a few seedlings survived, they were the best of the greatest tree. While the heavens and Earth provided for the weak and useless weeds, they prefered the great oak seedlings and provided even more for them. 

Then one day, from the swaying field of weeds, the first shoots of great oak seedlings broke through. Another followed shortly after the first, and then a third, and then there was nothing the weeds could do to stop the return of the great oaks. 

Once the great oaks beloved to the heaven and the Earth returned, they provided for them in abundance and with eagerness. The weeds for whom the heaven and the Earth provided for only with reluctance quickly died out once the true chosen children returned. 


  1. The world, by Allahs Mercy prefers the good over the evil doers. However, when the good servants of Allah vacate their seat of power for a lesser existence, the world is left with no choice but to provide for the evil doers that usurp the seat of power. But even though it must provide for the evil doers, the world only does so with reluctance, and when the righteous servants of Allah return once more, the world in its entirety will provide for them and turn against the malignant evil doers.
  2. Zionist terrorists and their stooges, the iron fisted dictators of Syria, Myanmar, and other unsung heroes of maleficence; they appear to be blessed with power over their apparently weaker victims. Their illusory powers are but the result of the absence of Allahs true servants - the true chosen children. When they return once more to reclaim their rightful place, at that time the whole world will turn against the enemies of Allah that it has had to unwillingly sustain.