Monday, 14 May 2012

The lion, the hyena and the ass

An ass entered into an alliance with a pack of hyenas to overthrow the Lion.

"We shall tie you to a branch below which we will dig a hole for the lion to fall into" the prime hyena said. "After we are rid of the lion, we will free you and all the grazing grounds will be yours".

As a token of their alliance, the hyenas gifted the ass and his family with a patch of grazing ground. "Much more will be yours once our deed is done" the prime hyena promised. The ass was so delighted that he moved his family to their new grazing ground immediately. 

Just get tied up and sit still, and all that is mine, the ass thought. What an easy life. 

And so tied he was to the branch of a tree to be a bait for the lion.

The lion, king though he was, could not resist the temptation of a free meal served on a silver platter. He stepped right into the hyenas trap, and for all his might, was rendered helpless at the bottom of the hyenas pit.

With the lion gone, the hyenas rose to the top of the food chain.

Seeing their success, the ass cheered jovially. 

"Now untie me as you promised and let us celebrate the victory of our alliance", the ass said with ignorant confidence. 

"Untie you?" the hyenas began to circle the ass, salivating with a wicked look in their eyes. "Now why would we want to let go of a nice, foolish lump of meat that came to surrender itself to our stomachs?" the prime hyena said. The other hyenas cackled. 

Only then did the foolish ass realise his stupidity, but then it was already too late.

"B...But you promised", the ass said in a small begging-for-mercy voice.

"We lied", the hyena replied without the slightest hesitation or remorse, as though lying was something as normal as breathing.

The hyenas tore the ass to shreds before going for his family which the foolish ass put in an all too obvious place.


1. Gentiles are nothing but fodder to the eyes of zionist terrorists. There is no such thing as an alliance with them. Fodder is just fodder, gentiles are just gentiles. 
2. To ally oneself with zionist terrorists is to surrender ones neck to their blades...and the necks of our loved ones.
3. Lying, conniving, backstabbing, breaking oaths. These are the basic components that make up a zionist terrorist. DON'T trust them. Period. Trust you your neck into the maw of a great white. Very smart.
4. Don't be an ass.