Thursday, 27 October 2011

The unanswered prayer

Faris had always wanted to go to America. The center of 21st century civilization, the sole remaining superpower, the worlds largest economy; it has always filled him with visions of futuristic-like technologies, the best education, impeccable social security system, and boundless opportunities. To be a part of all that, it was his lifes dream and the dream of millions of others.

After his SPM examination which Faris did his utmost so as to qualify for a scholarship, he applied only for American colleges. He prayed and hoped that his dream would come to be. 

But when the results came out, Faris just didn't make the cut for any of the overseas scholarships. He didn't give up though. He entered form six and took the STPM examination. Again he prostrated before Allah and implored to Him that his dream be fulfilled this time.

But while his results were perfect, in the year that he applied, there just were not enough allocations for all the qualified applicants. Rather than a scholarship to America, Faris got a middle-east scholarship. 

It so happens that Faris' parents, now in their fifties have come to realise the importance of religion by Allahs Grace. They were most thankful to Allah for Preordaining that their son should be sent to the middle-east rather than America.

Although he was very disappointed, Faris decided to take the offer. He went to study in Madinah. 

Two years into his study, Zionist Terrorists attacked an economically broken America. Millions were killed by the nuclear attack. 

Faris was most thankful to Allah for not Answering his prayers to study in America.

1. Ask Allah, and He WILL Answer our prayers. He is Most Kind Most Merciful, and he is Always with us, Hearing each of our pleas. 
2. As long as we are true to Him, and we have tried our utmost best, the only reason that Allah Has not answered our prayers is because He Wants something better for us (than what we ask Him). 
3. Allah ALWAYS Knows what is best for us. If you live only for Him, then the path that He has Placed you in is the best - the path that will lead you to Him.
4. Be thankful for what Allah has Given us. 

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