Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The hare and the eagle

A hare, seeing a bald eagle soaring in the air bemoaned his fate that he could not fly.

“But why would you want to fly when you can already run so fast on the ground?” said his friend the tortoise. “Why not try to be thankful for what you are Given?”

“Bah what do you know when all you can do is hide in your little shell!” said the rabbit, and he continued to lament his fate.

The bald eagle heard the hares lamenting and offered to teach her to fly.

“Come my friend, I will teach you to fly. If you would come into my clutches, I will show you the wonders of soaring in the heavens” offered the bald eagle.

Despite the tortoises advise, the hare accepted the bald eagles offer.

Off the bald eagle took the hare into the air. It was a feeling such as the hare had never felt. “Exhilarating!” the hare exclaimed in elation.

So lost was the hare with euphoria that he did not feel the bald eagles talons digging into his neck until the life was snuffed out of him.

1. Be thankful for what Allah has given you. Do not look at what you do not have, but look at what you do have. 
2. Do not give your trust to the enemies of Allah. Their words will seem fair to you, but they wish for naught but our destruction. 
3. It has been proven over again in history, that should we place ourselves in the mercy of the enemies of Islam, then they will lead us to ruin. 
4. It was desire that led our predecessors to give their necks (and the necks of the ummah) to the enemies sword. Do not give in to desire for this transient world, because it can end at any moment. 
5. NEVER trust an enemy of Allah (and thus our enemy) over the believers. You will be the first to be ruined, and you will NEVER gain anything from it but utter ruin.

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