Sunday, 6 November 2011

Medical student art student

An arts student sat under a tree overlooking a beautiful scenery, happily sketching on his drawing board and appreciating the perfection of Allah’s creation.

A medical student, walking back to the hostel after a hard day of practical lessons at the hospital saw the art student and went up to him.

“What kind of work do you think you will be able to get with your degree?” he asked with derision.

“Work?”, the art student looked up calmly from his drawing pad. “Why should I be worrying about work?”

The medical student was surprised by the art students answer. “Why…that’s the purpose of going to university – to get a job when you graduate”

“Why would I want a job?”

“So that you can make money obviously”

“What do I need that money for?”

The medical student was starting to feel irritated.

“To make yourself happy of course, allow you to sit around comfortably, do what you want at your own leisure and not have to worry about anything”

“Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?” the art student said. “What about you?”

  1. I am not saying that becoming a doctor is a bad thing. It is a noble profession undoubtedly.
  2. I AM saying that choosing a course based on the job prospect, glamour and guarantee of a scholarship is a foolish thing. Our lives have more meaning than those things.
  3. Our fortune is Determined by Allah, not by our jobs. So don’t fret so much about making a living. Only an insignificant, electron-microscopically tiny proportion of people become doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects etc – the so called ‘guaranteed work’ occupations. But you don’t see people dying from starvation left and right do you?
  4. Do what you love, not what you must. It’s your life, your happiness. Don’t let some half-assed education system determine your life. And certainly don’t let society’s misperceptions force your choices. You are the one who is going to live your life, YOU determine what you want.
  5. Your happiness is in your own hands. Don’t screw it.
  6. For those who are taking medicine, and plan to take medicine: ask yourself honestly, why is it that you chose this field?
  7. Job, money, glamour – these things cannot buy happiness. And you don’t NEED them to be happy.

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  1. like ut can't buy happiness..u r rite..:)