Monday, 7 November 2011

The football team that can never win

A football team manager, having just lost his umpteenth match slumped down on the field to ponder his teams track record – straight losses, zero wins, zero draws. What was it that the team lacked? The training was perfect, the strategy was flawless, and the facilities were all that money can buy. A child, seeing the mans distress came up to him and the manager, having no other outlet to voice his grievances, complained to the young boy. It so happened that the boy had been following the games progress, and after the manager was tired with complaining, the boy shared his opinion:

“Sir, you have everything save for one, and because of this one thing, you can never win no matter how good of everything else you have”

“And what would that be?” the manager asked.

“A team”, the boy answered simply. “How can you win a team-play game when you play alone against whole teams?”

The managers football ‘team’ consisted of him alone.

  1. In a team-play game, you can never win if you play alone when the other side sends a whole team.  Has football ever been played one man VS a whole team? 
  2. The enemies of Islam work in teams against us. We will NEVER achieve anything if we work alone.
  3. To those who insist on ‘fighting for Islam’ on a solo basis, and question the authencity of and the need for Jamaa’ah (groups): play a football match solo against a team.
  4. Islam can only be upheld in a Jamaa’ah (group). Certainly there are limited things we can achieve alone, but the real battle can only be fought in a united front.
  5. There are many Islamic Jamaa’ah striving for Islam (causing confusion to some). The truth is: Each of us is a part of the Islamic Empire, different parts of a single body. There is no division. Working together as one for a single purpose – to conquer the world into the Mercy of Islamic Rule. 

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