Sunday, 11 December 2011

The shepard and the wolf

A pack of wolves had their eyes on a herd of sheep grazing in a green valley. However, the shepard, shooting his shotgun into the air chased the wolves back into the mountains with the fear that the shot sounds invoked. 

The wolves though were not without mind and after some time they noticed that the shots did not harm them and they ceased to take any notice of it.

The shepard was a soft hearted man and would not harm a soul, even those of the wolves hunting down his sheep. The wolves noticed this as well and it made them more daring.

One by one the wolves hunted the sheep and the shepard was helpless to stop them with mere empty shots. 

Seeing that empty shots were not doing anything, the shepard was forced to aim his shotgun at the wolves; and he shot them down with precision. 

Realising that mercy was no longger their lot, the wolves fled to the mountains in dismay and disturbed the herd no more.


1. Islam was not spread with force, Islam in its early days was forced to raise its sword in order to protect itself from aggression. 
2. This use of force is not a sin, it is righteousness manifest.

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