Friday, 19 August 2011

The Best Ambition

Save for one, nothing is 100% guaranteed, 
You may wish to be a doctor for example, so you get into med school to achieve that ambition. People say that once you've stepped into med school, you're 'almost' guaranteed to become a doctor (though becoming a specialist is a whole different thing). But how many people suddenly decide that they'd rather do something else half way through, or maybe decide to open up a business after getting their degree...

How many people have walked down a certain path to an end they desire, only to turn another way half way through - or were violently thrown off the path by factors beyond control.

No ambition is unachievable as long as you have the will and the gut, but no ambition is 100% assured, however sure you might think it is. Indeed this is one of the lessons life teaches us, clear and pristine.

The one thing that is sure - 100% without doubt, is that all that live must one day die. 

So while the not-so-certain ambitions are OK to have, I'd say that aiming for the sure-to-get is the coolest way to go. I least there won't be the awkward embarrassment and depressing frustration when we don't achieve our worked-all-our-life for and sacrificed-everything for ambition.

Since death is assured, then why not go all the way and get syahid - the most noble of deaths. Indeed, this is the best of ambitions I'd say, no?

©Text Copyright property of Abdul Hafizh bin Mohd Zubir, 2011; Illustration Copyright property of Muhammad Aiman bin Mohd Zubir, 2011

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