Thursday, 8 September 2011

The bee, the rabbit and the tigress

A rabbit while taking a stroll through the forest saw a bee working whithered flowers to make its honey.

"Why do you confine yourself to these old and whithered flowers while there is a blooming orchard just pass those trees?" The rabbit asked.

"Indeed I should love to work those lush blooms save that they are the property of our Queen Sheeba, and the tigress has forbidden anyone from touching them" the bee replied.

"Bah" the rabbit scorned. "What of the little tigresses orders. I have knowledge that she is on a hunt on the other side of the jungle and will not be back for a few days. Work her forbidden flowers all you will for she cannot know" the rabbit encouraged the bee to break the rules.

The bee was hesitant initially, but the rabbit was its superior in size and wisdom. With the rabbits assurance and encouragement, it dared to go against the tigresses law.

Unfortunately for the bee and his accomplice the rabbit, Queen Sheeba had not gone for her usual hunt yet. She was lying among the flowers, and caught them in the act of breaking her rules and desecrating her flowers.

The tigress caught each of them in either one of her paws.

"How dare you break my laws and desecrate my orchards" she roared at them.

"Please oh mighty Queen" the bee snivelled. "I was but following the words of the rabbit for he is my superior in size and wisdom"

"Then ask him now for protection from my wrath" the tigress growled, and she snapped the rabbits neck first before crushing the bee between her paws.

1. Do not follow the words of mere humans against the Words of Allah when His Laws are clear.
2. Some arrogant humans may speak slightly of Allahs Laws, as if they have knowledge and power. They do NOT.
3. Know that if you follow the words of mere humans who foolishly go against divine laws, these blasphemers will not be able to help you against The Almighty's Wrath.

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