Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Quack wants to be a doctor

Quack wanted to be a doctor. He was a very smart student, and always got straight A’s in all his exams, so it was no problem for him to get into a good medical school. But the funny thing is, when he got into medical school, Quack never once passed an exam. He wouldn’t just fail the exams, he would fail them terribly and horribly. And it’s not that he wasn’t hard working, certainly not! Day and night Quack read his medical books. When his friends were still dreaming, he would wake up to read, and when they slept at night, he would continue to stay awake reading.

However, no matter how hard he tried, however many times he read and re-read his books - even memorizing them by heart! - and despite his naturally extraordinary mind, he could never pass an exam.

This is because his books were in Japanese, and Quack didn’t understand a word of Japanese. 

1.       Just reading the Quran without understanding it is not going to make you a Muslim, no matter how many times you repeat it, or how beautifully you can recite it - even if you memorize every word of it and know how many letters it contains and whatnots. 
2.        The purpose of the Quran is to shape us (mankind) into Muslims…Just as the purpose of medical books is to shape doctor wannabes into doctors. If you just blindly read, but not understand a word of what you read, then the purpose is lost.
3.       Read, understand, and practice the (teachings in the) Quran. 

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