Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The hands rebellion

One fine day, out of the blue, the hands suddenly decided that they were not satisfied with their lot. They compared themselves with the feet, the body parts that were most similar to themselves, and they questioned the different treatment meted out to each of them.

"Why do the feet get to do all the hard walking and we are pampered up here", the right hand questioned. "Is our strength being looked down upon? Does everyone think that we can't support the body like the feet? We want to do rough and tough jobs, we want to prove that we are just as strong as the feet"

"We want to lead like the feet!", the left hand proclaimed. "We hands are similar to the feet, what they can do, we should be able to do just as well. We too can walk and lead the body as they do"

And the list goes on with their rebellious demands to things like wanting coarse hair, demanding to enter (the smelly insides of) shoes, and refusing to hold a pen ("let the feet write for a change"). 

The other organs refused vehemently - which is understandable.  "Are you nuts!?" the brain exclaimed. "If we stood on you two, all the blood would pool in the head and suffocate me". 

"Do you want me to regurgitate all the food and acid inside me!?", the stomach disagreed. 

"Yeah, and give me reflux disease, and cause oesophageal cancer!?", the oesophagus continued.

Only the feet didn't say anything. Having the weight of the whole body lifted from them was not exactly a problem, even if they think that it will be weird switching places with the hands.

As a result of the hands rebellious and loud 'Brachio-ism' (brachio- denotes the arm) movement, the whole body had to suffer the hands' outlandish demands. The body stood on the hands.

The hand managed to support the body with some effort, and got in a few steps before fatigue set in. Despite that, they were persistent and they would have continued their misadventure if the whole body hadn't suddenly shut down.

As a result of their abnormal posture - the head being below - all the blood pooling into the brain caused a loss of consciousness. Everyone (or rather body parts/organs) was affected. The hands buckled and the body fell, comatose. Result of the hands rebellion against its nature.

1. Man and woman are similar, but not the same. We are equal in the eyes of Allah. The only thing differing each of us is our taqwa.
2. The one saying that there is a difference between men and women are the feminists, and the male chauvinists. Nowhere in Islam is a difference in status dogmatised.
3. The BURDEN of leadership is a B.U.R.D.E.N, not a source of pride. Men who wear it like a mantle of pride are those male chauvinists who mistreat women. And those women who view it as a pre-requisite for respect are those feminists who degrade the value and honor of women, inherently Granted to them by Allah.
4. Indeed men are given a position 'a level above women' - they are inherently given the ability and the will to lead and to protect. But then women are honored three levels above men - thrice our mother, then our father. 
5. Those who wish to be what they are not do not seek justice. They are the ones perpetrating injustice on themselves. They degrade their inherent value, they throw away their honor and seek disgrace and Divine retribution.

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