Saturday, 24 September 2011

Playing with life and death

In the middle of a busy day at work, Hassan suddenly thought about his good friend Rahim. After work, he called up Rahim, and their other good friend Faris to plan a get together. The three of them went to university together, and although they were from different educational backgrounds, and had never stayed in the same hostel, they were the best of friends that best friends could have. Allah Brought them together with the bond of Islam. After graduating, they each went their separate ways. Hassan and Faris worked in Kuala Lumpur and often hung out together even after getting married. Rahim moved to Kelantan, and it has been a while since they last met, all three of them together. They planned to meet in Kelantan.

On the day that they were supposed to meet Rahim, Faris got a call from his cousin telling him that his uncle was sick. His uncle lives in Terengganu and his house was on the way to Rahim’s place. Hassan suggested they postpone their get together for one day, and visit Faris’ uncle before meeting up at Rahims place. It’s just one day after all they thought. Visiting Faris’ sick uncle was their responsibility as Muslims, and as blood relations.  
Hassan and Faris visited Faris’ uncle and stayed at his house for the night. They went to Kelantan early the next day. When they arrived at Rahims house, it was full of people.

With tears in her eyes, Nabilah, Rahims wife told his friends that Rahim was no longer with them. He passed away just that morning after performing the Subuh prayers.

And they thought a one day detour would make no difference.

  1. Death can come for us at any moment.
  2. We often act as though we know that this and that person will not be dying anytime soon. Unintentionally maybe, and certainly not being presumptuous, but we do tend to act so, inadvertently. We do NOT know when death will come!
  3. We should always be prepared to meet death. When our time comes, there will not be a moments postponing for us to make last minute preparations.  

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