Saturday, 10 September 2011

The story of the sailor wannabe

A sailor wannabe decided one day to look for a good ship to start his career with. He searched left and right, up and down, but to his dismay he found not a single ship. But he was strong of heart and did not give up. Year after year he looked for a ship, and every single time he was disappointed, until the day that he was too old to search anymore. And so to the very end, the sailor wannabe never found his ship, and never became a sailor… because he looked for a ship not in the docks and harbours where ships are to be found, but in the dry arid desert where ships never go. For all his lifelong efforts, and dear ambitions, the sailor wannabe never got what he dreamed, because he looked in the wrong place.


1.      If you look for something in a place where it definitely is not, then you definitely will not find it
2.      Peace and solace can only be found in servitude to Allah, it cannot be found elsewhere just as a ship can never be found in the desert. If you look for peace and solace in other places than complete servitude to Allah, then forever you will not find them.

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