Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Place of Repose

In this life, we toil over one hardship to throw ourselves into another hardship. Over again we repeat this cycle, never to end. The cycle of life, the cycle of hardship.

We cheer ourselves with the promise of a bright future. Comeuppance for hardship, struggle, blood, sweat and tears. A place of repose after the hard climb.

But reality is not as sweet as dreams, and hardship is not rewarded with repose. There is no awe-inspiring panorama, and soothing zephyr at the peak. 

What you find, and shall continue to find after every leg, over again, is another sheer climb worse than the last.

You will never find that 'easy' life that you believe hard work and success would promise. 

Because there is no repose in this life! If you search for it here (in this world) then you are searching for the sun in the night sky. 

But despair not, for a place of repose there is. Night is always followed by day, and the toils of this world shall be rewarded with repose in the next.

The true place of repose - the hereafter. If you but continue to search and strive for it.

And Allah is Most Fair to His believing slaves.

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